Re: Re-enabling non-GPL driver access to disk partition information

From: Derek Atkins
Date: Fri Jan 29 2010 - 10:39:17 EST


Rik van Riel <riel@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> RCU is patented, with permission for GPL code to use the algorithm.
> Exposing RCU bits to non-GPL modules would be rather pointless, since
> those don't have permission (from IBM, the RCU patent holder) to use
> RCU, anyway.

I'm neither asking for or suggesting non-GPL access to RCU. Rather I'm
asking for non-GPL access to genhd partition information. In particular
I'm looking for:

- # of actual partitions (which I used to obtain by iterating the table
and counting -- yes, I know, gross)
- for each partition:
* partition start sector
* partition size

Alan Cox <alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> get information about existing partitions. All those interfaces are now
>> GPL-Only,
> The kernel is GPL licensed. Please don't assume an EXPORT_SYMBOL() means
> the GPL does not apply or that this magically indicates it isn't a
> derivative work.

I'm not making that assumption, and the lawyers involved have made that
very very clear. (I've spent more time in meetings with lawyers in the
past month than I have working on code). However, that's why I'm just
asking for EXPORT_SYMBOL() instead of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(), because I'm
not sure I can license my module under the GPL (although it can be
released under other licenses, but that doesn't give me access to
GPL-Only symbols).

I'd prefer to be able to access the partition objects directly as I had
been doing for a couple years. However I do have other alternatives if
this patch (or something like it) wont be accepted.


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