ANN: ulatencyd

From: Daniel Poelzleithner
Date: Sat Jan 08 2011 - 17:09:46 EST


I'm proud to announce ulatencyd [1]. A scriptable daemon to dynamically
adjust Linux scheduling parameters and other things.

It is not ready for a release yet, but it works to a point I started to
get satisfied. I'm able to run a make -j 40 on my dual core machine
while looking a full hd movie without problems and the ui from kde still
feels good :-)

The architecture looks like this:

The rules usually only mark processes with flags that the scheduler uses
for his decision how to set the parameters of the process.
In special cases, the rule can enforce itself to schedule the process
itself, which is useful for reacting to attacks, for example.

There is still a lot of work to do. The scheduler itself was a quick
hack that needs a lot of work. There are currently no rules for swap of
death, fork-bombs, amok running processes,... and the scheduler has to
handle them of course.
There are already lots of optimization that minimize the amount of lua
code running, but the load on ulatencyd is high when a lot of processes
are spawned. This will be optimized soon.


PS: please CC if possible :-)

kind regards
Daniel Poelzleithner

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