Linux 2.6.39-rc2 doesn't boot on alpha.

From: Michael Cree
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 04:28:35 EST

[Resent with correction to linux-alpha email list]

Linux 2.6.39-rc[12] doesn't boot at all on Alpha. As soon as the kernel has loaded the system freezes.

Bisection gave the following as the first bad commit:

commit 091738a266fc74329ae186f22ff2b3f01319112d genirq: Remove real old transition functions

If I reverse (as far as possible) the second half of the commit (the bit that applies to kernel/irq/chip.c) from 2.6.39-rc2 then I get a kernel that starts booting but freezes when it prints "Calibrating delay loop..."

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