Removal of staging/rt2860sta (and rt2870sta)

From: Larry Finger
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 10:54:04 EST


When I looked again at the removal of rt2860sta from staging, it was quickly obvious that unless rt2870sta was also removed, very little of the code could be removed. As I have no experience with rt2800usb, the mainline driver for that device, I went to the wireless mailing list with the question. There was one objection to the removal, but the maintainers were in favor, thus I will be submitting a patch to delete both drivers.

I did the changes on my local git tree, committed them, and used 'git format-patch'. I expected that 'git rm' statements would be used to delete the files, but I got normal patch format. As a result, the resulting patch is over 2.4 GB, and has over 75,000 lines. Obviously, I'm reluctant to dump a patch of this size on the lists. Is there a way to force git to use "rm" statements, or is there some way to handle this large patch?



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