Re: [path][rfc] add PR_DETACH prctl command

From: Stas Sergeev
Date: Fri Apr 08 2011 - 16:27:18 EST

08.04.2011 22:13, Bryan Donlan wrote:
I can't comment on the patch itself, but, if your application knows it
might have to daemonize after spinning up threads, why not simply
fork() immediately on startup, and have the parent simply wait forever
for either the child to die or for a daemonize signal from the child?
If done early enough it shouldn't tie up too much memory, and it
wouldn't require any of these invasive kernel changes. As an added
bonus, it's portable to all unixen :)
Yes, thats almost always true. Except when you deal with
the vendor-provided poorly-coded drivers and libs, where
you get the drivers initialized only via the lib. And the
initialization process must be finished before the boot-up
can continue, but that's not the whole story: only the
process that initialized that lib, can then work with it.
And of course that lib creates a dozen of threads...
OK, you've got the idea. :)
But anyway. Yes, not everyone have to deal with such a
nightmare, this is very rare. But people being confused
by the fact that daemon() silently loses threads, are not
rare. So I just wonder: even if the workaround is simple,
why searching for the workaround at all? If you need
2 syscalls to detach from parent, and you loose the threads
in a process, then why not to have a single call, that
detaches without loosing threads?
But in any case, I am mostly inclinced to leave that patch
for my project only.
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