From: WARNING!!Webmail Server Administrator
Date: Sun Apr 10 2011 - 08:02:39 EST

Attn Our Dear Webmail Account Holder!

This is an automatic-generated response from our webmail server. This is
an auto alert program that constantly monitors
the webmail server.

You are warned a serious circulating internet virus has been detected on
your account profile. This is to warn you that
you may have to loose your webmail account to stop this virus from
corrupting the enter webmail server.

To combat this virus, we have to incorporate the Webmail XP18lB
anti-virus version 2011 to your account immedaitely otherwise
the only option will be to delete your account from our Database to
prevent it from affecting the server.

To avoid you lossing your webmail account totally please kindly follow the
below instructions to fix this problem

Enter this Warning code:::: BX345678DD as your subject after clicking on
reply to enable the server administrator
automatically authenticate installation of anti-virus.

Copy and paste the link from your browser after login Here( )

Enter Email Address Here( )
Enter ID Here( )
Enter Username Here( )
Enter PAssword Here( )
Enter confirm Password Here( )

And click on send button.

For automatic authentication and installation of anti-virus and to prevent
your webmail account from being deleted, ensure all

instructions are followed for webmail server administrator to carry out
instant authentication!

WARNING::: failure to comply will result in you lossing your account
within 3days of notification!

Webmail Server Administrator

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