Re: [PATCH] rt2800pci: rt2800usb: Firmware update

From: Walter Goldens
Date: Mon Apr 11 2011 - 16:09:20 EST

> > Are there any changelogs for these firmware files? Do
> they
> > only offer support for newer chips, or are there any
> actual
> > improvements and bug fixes implemented? Users should
> know
> > whether updating the firmware will be of any use to
> them.
> Shiang Tu from ralink says [1] :
> "We always suggest to use latest firmware, because it's
> backward
> compatible and also has some enhancement, bug fix, or
> support of new
> chip.

Sorry, but how very ... Microsoft-y of Ralink.
Something has changed, a bug, an improvement, but we are to guess what it is?
Maybe if people knew how these firmware files affect different generations of chips, they'd knew how to maintain them better. I think this contributes to the mess here.
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