Re: [PATCH] rt2800pci: rt2800usb: Firmware update

From: Larry Finger
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 01:34:52 EST

On 04/12/2011 12:23 AM, RA-Shiang Tu wrote:
Are there any changelogs for these firmware files? Do
only offer support for newer chips, or are there any
improvements and bug fixes implemented? Users should
whether updating the firmware will be of any use to

Shiang Tu from ralink says [1] :
"We always suggest to use latest firmware, because it's backward
compatible and also has some enhancement, bug fix, or
support of new

Sorry, but how very ... Microsoft-y of Ralink.
Something has changed, a bug, an improvement, but we are to
guess what it is?
Maybe if people knew how these firmware files affect
different generations of chips, they'd knew how to maintain
them better. I think this contributes to the mess here.

First of all, thanks for all for the great help to make Ralink chipset can
work well in Linux.

In deed, restricted by the limited resources, Ralink didn't involve in the
rt2x00 project development closely for long time and the rt2x00 project
developers and free contributors only can get limited information from
Ralink's open source code. I think that' why make the situation becomes
a little bit complicate. Sorry for that.

Now we try to work closely with rt2x00 project, we also will sumbit latest
frimware to linux-firmware once have any updates. We are newbie to work
with open source community, if we have any problem, your kindly help will
be highly appreciated.


We greatly appreciate the help you have given. We certainly understand the problems of limited resources.

Does Ralink have any documentation that you can share regarding the changes in rt2860.bin from revision 11, which is now in linux-firmware, to the current revision 34. The same information on the changes from revision 12 to revision 29 of rt2870.bin would also be useful. As you have seen in the E-mails, the details are requested for the acceptance of the new versions in linux-firmware.



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