Re: reboot/kexec in 2.6.38

From: Cyril Hrubis
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 14:13:12 EST

> >> Enable early_printk to a serial port if you can.
> >>
> >> There is definitely an issue in 2.6.38 where kdump doesn't work, that
> >> right now looks like a memblock issue.
> >
> > Finaly got time to solder serial adapter...
> >
> > And now, after I configured kernel to print to both ttyS0 serial console and
> > tty0 the kexec started to work.
> Cool. Please help check why it didn't work, and see if we have something
> broken.

Hmm, It seems to work now (I've changed the config slightly meanwhile and now
I've been unable to trigger the bug).

Note to myself: save configs that trigger strange behavior.

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