Re: adding trace-cmd's plugins to perf

From: David Ahern
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 15:39:39 EST

On 04/12/11 13:01, Borislav Petkov wrote:
>>> Also, just FYI, I have this RAS daemon patchset which splits perf functionality
>>> into different sub-libs, which are more or less topic based:
>>> tools/lib/trace/ - all the trace-event* stuff from Steven
>>> tools/lib/lk/ - generic enough stuff (git headers, etc) which several tools could use

Is this going to contain the option parsing as well? e.g., something
tools/kvm is picking up from perf.

>>> tools/lib/perf/ - functionality related to perf events
>>> Here's the last submission
>>> and I'm currently finishing a new rebase against tip/perf/core.
>>> If you're fine with that split I'd suggest I load off my stuff first so
>>> that David can continue from there and I can finally stop rebasing like
>>> crazy each time perf moves forward.
>>> Opinions? Suggestions?
>> Yeah, David, can you try Borislav's patchset and tell us what you think
>> wrt servicing your needs?
> Yeah, but first let me post the latest version - I'll try to do so in
> the next couple of days.
> Thanks.

Sure. This is a background task, and I still need to spend time on
trace-cmd to understand it. ie. it's not something I expect to do within
the next week -- more like within the next month if I get the time.

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