Re: zaurus: mmcblk0: error -110

From: Chris Ball
Date: Tue Apr 12 2011 - 18:48:48 EST


On Tue, Apr 12 2011, Cyril Hrubis wrote:
>> > mmc0: error -95 whilst initialising SD card
>> That's interesting. Would you mind trying to bisect? (Knowing whether
>> 2.6.38 final does it, for example, would be very helpful.)
> It may need one or two tries on 2.6.38 but it's there too.
>> There aren't many -EOPNOTSUPP returns in the stack. I see:
>> card/block.c: mmc_blk_issue_secdiscard_rq and mmc_blk_issue_discard_rq
>> card/core.c: mmc_erase
>> core/sd_ops.c: mmc_app_cmd
>> Mind doing some instrumentation to figure out which it is?
> Fails in the mmc_app_cmd.

Okay. mmc_app_cmd() hasn't changed for years, so I'm afraid I don't
have any strong leads for you -- further bisection (you're pretty
sure this is a regression?) would be very useful.


- Chris.
Chris Ball <cjb@xxxxxxxxxx> <>
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