Re: [regression 2.6.39-rc2][bisected] "perf, x86: P4 PMU - Read properMSR register to catch" and NMIs

From: Cyrill Gorcunov
Date: Wed Apr 13 2011 - 16:53:10 EST

On 04/14/2011 12:35 AM, Shaun Ruffell wrote:
> I had the first version of the patch running the test builds all night without
> any NMIs. I installed this one and ran it through the case where I would
> reliably get early NMIs and it still no NMIs.
> So for v2:
> Tested-by: Shaun Ruffell <sruffell@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Thanks!

Thanks a huge Shaun. The thing is (if only I don't miss something) at moment there is
no much difference in which patch to pick up. But as only kgdb dives in or any other
subsystem (which say would use same manner of nmi delivery) we might be unmasking
lvt entry even if nothing were handled at all, so I bias to a second version.

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