RE: Re-send (What else needs to be done to the sep driver(staging/sep))

From: Allyn, Mark A
Date: Thu Apr 14 2011 - 10:57:39 EST

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Subject: Re: Re-send (What else needs to be done to the sep driver (staging/sep))

I think the logging is a distraction. Everyone is I think happy with the
other minor tidying and the move from staging ? If so lets just get it
moved while Greg and Joe throw buns at each other 8)

For the record IMHO custom _dbg wrappers are usually not justified but I
think I agree with Joe on this one because we have some many
&foo->bar->baz it eliminates.

Anyway - that can wait.



I have no problem with Alan's suggestion, however, I think I need to wait
until Greg integrates two patches that are already in the queue; one that I
submitted yesterday (for device version detection) and the clean-up patch.

Once I see these in the staging, then I plan to try to move to the misc
directory under drivers.

Mark Allyn
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