Re: 2.6.37+ for kernel version, what is this + sign?

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Thu Apr 14 2011 - 16:50:48 EST

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:12:57 -0500 Xianghua Xiao wrote:

> After I disabled LOCALVERSION_AUTO and MODVERSIONS now the kernel
> image is 2.6.37+
> where is the + sign coming from? how can I get rid of it?

It basically means that your git tree is modified.

top-level Makefile calls scripts/setlocalversion, which says (in part):

# Check for git and a git repo.
if test -d .git && head=`git rev-parse --verify --short HEAD 2>/dev/null`; then

# If we are at a tagged commit (like "v2.6.30-rc6"), we ignore
# it, because this version is defined in the top level Makefile.
if [ -z "`git describe --exact-match 2>/dev/null`" ]; then

# If only the short version is requested, don't bother
# running further git commands
if $short; then
echo "+"

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