Re: [REGRESSION] - Linux Xen DomU doesn't boot anymore

From: guilherme m. schroeder
Date: Thu Apr 14 2011 - 18:03:48 EST

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 5:52 PM, Stratos Psomadakis <psomas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can you try
> The patch you're referring to was committed I think along with another
> patch which caused some trouble in the -stable trees(I'm not surea bout
> that though :/).
> And in it was reverted:
> [59/74] [PATCH] Revert "x86: Cleanup highmap after brk is concluded"
> Maybe it fixes your problem.
> --
> Stratos Psomadakis
> <psomas@xxxxxxxxxxx>

No problem with
Do I need to bisect against to make sure it is
the patch that you mentioned?
And if we find it, there'll be a release or we need to
wait for
I'm asking this because some distros are already taking
(Debian 6.0 proposed kernel for example).
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