Re: mmotm 2011-04-14-15-08 uploaded (leds)

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Fri Apr 15 2011 - 11:50:09 EST

On Thu, 14 Apr 2011 15:08:47 -0700 akpm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2011-04-14-15-08 has been uploaded to
> and will soon be available at
> git://

from leds-support-automatic-start-of-blinking-with-ledtrig-timer.patch:

This build error happened several times when
CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGERS is not enabled:

drivers/leds/led-class.c:134: error: 'struct led_classdev' has no member named 'trigger_data'

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