Matter of interest

From: Alfred L. Leng
Date: Mon Aug 08 2011 - 06:14:16 EST

It is understandable for you to grow apprehensive reading from me today since  there was no previous communication between us. I am Alfred L. Leng (Dr.), the managing attorney of R & L Associates Malaysia.  I came across your contact via scrupulous search conducted by an IT specialist whom I have employed for the purpose of same.  The present communication is prompted by a legitimate business interest I have to share and ensue with you. I have left out the detail of the business matter until I hear from you as measure of security.  Please be reminded that I would not have incurred great efforts to contact you for a matter of nonentity or to waste your time or mine. Further, be confident that the matter in question is beneficial and legit with no ramification of any sort; details of the matter I will uncover to you in my following communication.  Kindly, revert to me accordingly for further exhaustive dialogue.  Thank you for your time as I am looking forward for yours and business relation.  Sincerely  Alfred Leng.

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