Re: [PATCH] jump label: Reduce the cycle count by changing the linkorder

From: Peter Zijlstra
Date: Mon Aug 08 2011 - 13:55:56 EST

On Mon, 2011-08-08 at 13:52 -0400, Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
> >> Also, pjt mentioned on IRC that mucking about with link order is
> >> something google is not unfamiliar with.. could we use some sort of
> >> runtime feedback to generate linker layout maps or so? That seems like a
> >> more scalable version than randomly mucking about with Makefiles :-)
> >
> > Agreed. Definitely a good area to research. However, until we have that done, I
> > think this patch makes sense.
> >
> this might be a dumb question as I do not know much about that, but
> couldn't hot code be put in their own section ?

Ah, but what is the hot code? The whole problem statement is finding
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