Re: [PATCH] cpufreq: ondemand ignore_nice_level

From: Dave Jones
Date: Mon Aug 08 2011 - 17:10:35 EST

On Mon, Aug 08, 2011 at 10:41:08PM +0300, joni@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> This patch add functionality for cpufreq ondemand where user can decide
> what nice level will be ignored when ondemand governors ignore_nice_load
> is used. The patch introduces new file ignore_nice_level where nice level can
> be tuned. In other words, user can select processes which can raise cpu
> speed by setting processes to certain nice level and tuning ignore level
> via ignore_nice_level at /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand .
> To achieve this, the patch add a new nicevalue[40] array for cpu_usage_stat
> struct where it keeps cpu usage statistic for each nice value.
> This patch also makes this array visible for user via /proc/stat .
> /proc/stat file gets a couple of new lines which corresponds used cpu time
> for each nice level and for each cpu core.

I'm reluctant to add yet another set of knobs to tweak unless it's something that
people are really going to use.

If there's a real use-case for this, that ignore_nice_load doesn't already provide,
I could be swayed, but I'm not really seeing it.


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