Re: [PATCH --mmotm v5 0/3] Make fault injection available for MMC IO

From: Per Forlin
Date: Tue Aug 09 2011 - 05:34:57 EST

On 9 August 2011 11:24, Akinobu Mita <akinobu.mita@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2011/8/9 Per Forlin <per.forlin@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Patch #1 "fault-injection: export fault injection functions" is merged
> Maybe you are looking at wrong tree.  I can't find it in Linus' tree or
> mmotm patches.
Thanks for double checking! I looked at the wrong tree. What a mess I
am creating.
Do you think it would be possible to get only the export
fault-injection patch in 3.1? I know it's not a bugfix so I guess it
wont be accepted.
I'll prepare v6 of this patch-set.

Thanks for your help,
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