RE: [patch v3 6/7] crc32: add-slicing-by-8.diff

From: Bob Pearson
Date: Tue Aug 09 2011 - 16:52:48 EST

> > - extend largest BITS size from 32 to 64
> > - extend table from tab[4][256] to tab[8][256]
> > - change algorithm to align on 8 byte boundary
> > (it was noted that all that is really required
> > is that the inner loop must comsume 8 bytes.
> > As written it can start on even or odd 4 byte
> > boundary.)
> So why not do that in the code too?

I did the experiment with the random test set and it is a couple of % faster
so I made the change. I had thought that it wouldn't make a measurable

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