[PATCH -tip v3 3/5] perf script: enhance IP and ADDR correlatedetection for BTS

From: Akihiro Nagai
Date: Thu Aug 11 2011 - 08:06:05 EST

BTS records branch_from_addr and branch_to_addr in IP and ADDR field in perf_sample.
This patch detects this correlation in perf-script.

# perf script -f ip,addr,dso,sym
3f03e016b0 _start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) ffffffff814675d2 irq_return ([kernel.kallsyms])
3f03e016b0 _start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) ffffffff814675d2 irq_return ([kernel.kallsyms])
3f03e04b80 _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) 3f03e016b3 _start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so)
3f03e04b80 _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) ffffffff814675d2 irq_return ([kernel.kallsyms])
3f03e04ba6 _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) ffffffff814675d2 irq_return ([kernel.kallsyms])
3f03e04bad _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) ffffffff814675d2 irq_return ([kernel.kallsyms])
3f03e04c1d _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so) 3f03e04bfb _dl_start (/lib64/ld-2.14.so)

Signed-off-by: Akihiro Nagai <akihiro.nagai.hw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Frederic Weisbecker <fweisbec@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Paul Mackerras <paulus@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx>
Cc: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: David Ahern <dsahern@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Masami Hiramatsu <masami.hiramatsu.pt@xxxxxxxxxxx>

tools/perf/builtin-script.c | 6 ++++++
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/perf/builtin-script.c b/tools/perf/builtin-script.c
index b3312ff..aeec5bc 100644
--- a/tools/perf/builtin-script.c
+++ b/tools/perf/builtin-script.c
@@ -309,6 +309,12 @@ static bool sample_addr_correlates_sym(struct perf_event_attr *attr)
(attr->config == PERF_COUNT_SW_PAGE_FAULTS_MAJ)))
return true;

+ /* BTS Events */
+ if ((attr->type == PERF_TYPE_HARDWARE) &&
+ (attr->sample_period == 1))
+ return true;
return false;

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