[PATCH 5/5] trace-cmd: Update man pages for 'check-events' option

From: Vaibhav Nagarnaik
Date: Thu Aug 11 2011 - 15:38:45 EST

There is a new option added to the 'report' target to check event
formats of the events recorded in a trace data file. This patch updates
the documentation in the man page.

This patch also adds a new man page for 'check-events' target which
verifies event formats on the local machine.

Signed-off-by: Vaibhav Nagarnaik <vnagarnaik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Documentation/trace-cmd-check-events.1.txt | 45 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Documentation/trace-cmd-report.1.txt | 5 +++
Documentation/trace-cmd.1.txt | 9 ++++--
3 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/trace-cmd-check-events.1.txt

diff --git a/Documentation/trace-cmd-check-events.1.txt b/Documentation/trace-cmd-check-events.1.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..73ec1a8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/trace-cmd-check-events.1.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+trace-cmd-check-events - parse the event formats on local system
+*trace-cmd check-events* ['OPTIONS']
+The trace-cmd(1) check-events parses format strings for all the events on the
+local system. It returns whether all the format strings can be parsed
+correctly. It will load plugins unless specified otherwise.
+This is useful to check for any trace event format strings which may contain
+some internal kernel function references which cannot be decoded outside of
+the kernel. This may mean that either the unparsed format strings of the trace
+events need to be changed or that a plugin needs to be created to parse them.
+*-N* - Don't load plugins
+trace-cmd(1), trace-cmd-record(1), trace-cmd-report(1), trace-cmd-stop(1),
+trace-cmd-extract(1), trace-cmd-reset(1), trace-cmd-split(1),
+trace-cmd-list(1), trace-cmd-listen(1), trace-cmd-start(1)
+Written by Vaibhav Nagarnaik, <vnagarnaik@xxxxxxxxxx>
+Copyright \(C) 2011 Google, Inc. Free use of this software is granted under
+the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).
diff --git a/Documentation/trace-cmd-report.1.txt b/Documentation/trace-cmd-report.1.txt
index 9c9a8e7..6b1cebe 100644
--- a/Documentation/trace-cmd-report.1.txt
+++ b/Documentation/trace-cmd-report.1.txt
@@ -41,6 +41,11 @@ OPTIONS
This will list the event formats that are stored in the trace.dat file.

+ This will parse the event format strings that are stored in the trace.dat
+ file and return whether the formats can be parsed correctly. It will load
+ plugins unless *-N* is specified.
*-F* 'filter'::
Add a filter to limit what events are displayed. The format of the filter
diff --git a/Documentation/trace-cmd.1.txt b/Documentation/trace-cmd.1.txt
index f416b74..a34b39b 100644
--- a/Documentation/trace-cmd.1.txt
+++ b/Documentation/trace-cmd.1.txt
@@ -49,11 +49,14 @@ COMMANDS

stack - run and display the stack tracer

+ check-events - parse format strings for all trace events and return
+ whether all formats are parseable

-*-h, --help::
- Displace the help text.
+*-h*, --help::
+ Display the help text.

Other options see the man page for the corresponding command.

@@ -63,7 +66,7 @@ trace-cmd-record(1), trace-cmd-report(1), trace-cmd-start(1),
trace-cmd-stop(1), trace-cmd-extract(1), trace-cmd-reset(1),
trace-cmd-restore(1), trace-cmd-stack(1),
trace-cmd-split(1), trace-cmd-list(1), trace-cmd-listen(1),
+trace-cmd.dat(5), trace-cmd-check-events(1)


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