Re: [PATCH] pnp: replace deprecated __check_region to request_region

From: Wang Shaoyan
Date: Fri Aug 12 2011 - 00:03:45 EST

Hi Adam,

I can understand your worry, but back to beginning, just as the
subject of the patch: "replace deprecated __check_region to
request_region", I think this patch is still need, although it can't
solve the problems both you guys mentioned. Do you agree it?

2011/8/12 Adam M Belay <abelay@xxxxxxx>:
> Hi Wang,
> Yes, I think your description of the race condition is right. However, as
> Bjorn
> mentioned, there are many x86 init paths that will try to reserve the same
> resources as those reported by pnp/acpi. There needs to be a better way to
> coordinate legacy device enumeration. Otherwise, the request_region() calls
> could fail when there isn't an actual resource conflict.
> IF we could find a good way to clean up the legacy users of request_region()
> then we could probably make pnp behave more like pci with regard to resource
> reservations.
> Cheers,
> Adam

Wang Shaoyan
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