Re: USB mini-summit at LinuxCon Vancouver

From: Hans de Goede
Date: Fri Aug 12 2011 - 03:15:14 EST


On 08/11/2011 10:32 PM, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:

<snip stuff I agree with>

instead of using the V4L2 device node to access the stored images, it probably makes
more sense to use a separate device for that, that will handle a separate set of
ioctl's, and just use read() to retrieve the image data, after selecting the desired
image number, via ioctl().

I don't see a lot of added value in doing things this way. We can simply
have a set of new ioctls on the /dev/video# node for this and a new
V4L2_CAP_STILL_IMAGE to indicate the availability of these ioctls. This will keep
the driver a lot simpler then doing 2 separate device nodes for 1 device.


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