Re: [PATCH] drivers/net/can/sja1000/plx_pci.c: eliminate doublefree

From: David Miller
Date: Sat Aug 13 2011 - 21:01:59 EST

From: Julia Lawall <julia@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 18:28:50 +0200

> From: Julia Lawall <julia@xxxxxxx>
> In this code, the failure_cleanup label calls the function
> plx_pci_del_card, which frees everything in the card->net_dev array. dev
> is placed in this array immediately after allocation, so the two subsequent
> jumps to failure_cleanup should not also call free_sja1000dev, but the
> second one does.
> If plx_pci_check_sja1000 fails, then free_sja1000dev is also called on
> dev. Because dev is already in the card->net_dev array, this implies that
> when plx_pci_del_card is later called, it may get freed again. So that
> entry is reset to NULL after the free.
> Finally, if there is a problem with one channel, there will be a hole in the
> array. card->channels counts the number of channels that have succeeded,
> and does not keep track of the index of the largest element in the array
> that is valid. So the loop in plx_pci_del_card is changed to go up to
> PLX_PCI_MAX_CHAN, which is only 2.
> Signed-off-by: Julia Lawall <julia@xxxxxxx>

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