Re: [PATCH 1/2] add SA_CLDREBOOT flag

From: Bruno PrÃmont
Date: Sun Aug 14 2011 - 12:36:56 EST

On Sun, 14 August 2011 Oleg Nesterov <oleg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 08/11, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> >
> > Add the SA_CLDREBOOT flag to enable the CLD_REBOOT on SIGCHLD
> > when a process of a child pid namespace calls the reboot syscall.
> I doubt this is really useful in general. SIGCHLD doesn't queue,
> if the parent of init already has the pending SIGCHLD it won't see
> CLD_REBOOTED anyway. Anyway, you do not need a special helper to
> fill siginfo.
> And personally I strongly dislike SA_CLDREBOOT. For what? Imho, this
> is unnecessary complication. If we want SIGCHLD-on-reboot, just send
> it unconditionally.

The information that is needed is what options the container did pass
to sys_reboot().
Did the container want a reboot or a power-off (or maybe just touch the

As long as that information can reach parent/reaper of container's init
the needed functionality should be there.

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