[BUG] Linux 3.0 commit 3627924acf70a broke include/mtd/ubi_user.h.

From: Rob Landley
Date: Sun Aug 14 2011 - 13:45:49 EST

"make headers_install" copies include/mtd/ubi_user.h to userspace, where
things like busybox link against it. With 3.0, building defconfig
busybox gets this error:

In file included from miscutils/ubi_tools.c:63:
error: conflicting types for '__packed'
error: previous declaration of '__packed' was here

This is due to the Linux 3.0 commit in the title:

UBI: use __packed instead of __attribute__((packed))

This relies on __packed being defined in:

#define __packed __attribute__((packed))

Which is not exported to userspace.

I.E. this "cleanup" broke the ability for userspace to use this header,
even though the header is exported to userspace by headers_install.

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