Re: [PATCH] crypto: aesni-intel - Add ivsize to ablk_ecb_alg

From: Herbert Xu
Date: Mon Aug 15 2011 - 03:15:34 EST

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 12:40:41PM -0400, Josh Boyer wrote:
> The ablkcipher structure in ablk_ecb_alg is lacking an ivsize setting.
> This causes the algorithm to fail it's self-test when it's registered
> with the error message:
> [ 0.806920] alg: skcipher: Failed to load transform for ecb-aes-aesni: -2
> crypto_lookup_skcipher doesn't like a missing ivsize. Adding the ivsize
> allows the self-test lookup to pass.

That's not right. ECB does not require an IV and therefore it
shouldn't have a non-zero IV size.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by crypto_lookup_skcipher not
liking a missing IV size. It appears to handle that case just
fine by returning the algorithm as is.

Can you show me what your /proc/crypto contains after you get the
aformentioned error?

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