Re: [RFC] Moving magnetometer HMC6352 into IIO subsystem

From: Jonathan Kunkee
Date: Mon Aug 15 2011 - 19:22:53 EST

>> Should the HMC6352 digital compass driver be moved [...]?
> No - that would be a regression .. but read on

>> [...] they should almost always land in IIO land.
> IIO is a staging project that may never go anywhere - some of us are
> using magnetometers in product so this alone isn't an answer that works
> right now.

In my reading I failed to catch the how transient 'staging' is--I'll
keep it mind, as I'm hoping my driver will not be so transient.

>> I would be willing to work on the change as I want to submit a similar
>> driver for the HMC6343 magnetometer/accelerometer as well.
> It would be great if it got added into the IIO subystem *as well*, and in
> time when and if IIO goes out of staging it would then eventually replace
> the existing drivers.

This would then necessitate maintaining both chunks of code, so I think
for now I will develop my module in drivers/misc. After it has stabilized,
I can add both modules to IIO as well with this in mind.

--Jon Kunkee
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