Re: kernel panic

From: Len Brown
Date: Wed Oct 26 2011 - 06:00:24 EST

>>  after upgrading to linux kernel 3.xx I get kernel panic on boot unless I
>> use ACPI=off in the boot parameters this happens with both Ubuntu 11.10 and
>> Fedora 16. The mainboard is an Intel S875WP1-E running a Pentuim 4 3ghz with
>> 3gig RAM in single-channel mode. I have performed a Bios upgrade just in
>> case tha ACPI tables were corrupt but it makes no difference. Currently
>> running 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP (Linux Mint) with no issues.

Is this problem new in 3.1, or is it also present in 2.6.39 or 3.0?

Also, do any other cmdline parmaters besides acpi=off work-around it?


Len Brown, Intel Open Source Technology Center
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