Re: Possible bug in via-velocity on 3.0+

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Wed Oct 26 2011 - 14:32:40 EST

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 9:47 AM, n00b <n00b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 19/10/11 16:14, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 4:14 AM, n00b<n00b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
>>> On 18/10/11 17:15, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 10:01 AM, n00bsys0p<n00b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>  wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I've been trying to get a custom 3.0 kernel to boot via PXE on a VIA
>>>>> EPIA
>>>>> EN15000G, and have run into a problem where once the thin client starts
>>>>> to
>>>>> load the kernel, the entire screen turns into a mosaic of random
>>>>> colours
>>>>> and
>>>>> characters.
>>>>> I've tested this serving a kernel (configured identically to
>>>>> the
>>>>> 3.0) to the thin client where the master and client are both fitted
>>>>> with
>>>>> EPIA EN1500G, and it works perfectly. Also, I tried swapping the
>>>>> master's
>>>>> motherboard to a Gigabyte GA-D525TUD (Realtek LAN chip), and it
>>>>> succeeded
>>>>> in
>>>>> serving the 3.0 kernel to an EN15000G without a fault.
>>>>> In all test cases, the master was using a 3.0 kernel.
>>>>> Through this testing, I surmise that it is something to do with the LAN
>>>>> driver which is used, as this is the only thing I can see to have
>>>>> changed
>>>>> between the two running systems. Could it be accidentally overwriting
>>>>> the
>>>>> video RAM or something along those lines?
>>>>> Here's a link to a photo of what the screen looks like when it goes
>>>>> wrong:
>>>> Let me see if I understand this correctly:
>>>>   - The problem is on the EN15000G client.
>>>>   - It occurs when the client boots 3.0 from a EN1500G server, but not
>>>> when booting the same 3.0 kernel image from a GA-D525TUD server.
>>>>   - It doesn't occur when booting from a EN1500G server.
>>>>   - The client boots successfully and is usable, i.e., the only
>>>> problem is the temporary garbage on the screen during boot.
>>>> It would be useful to see the complete dmesg log from on the
>>>> client.  If 3.0 actually does boot on the client, a dmesg log from 3.0
>>>> would also be useful.  There might be a clue if we can compare them.
>>>> Bjorn
>>> In answer:
>>>  - Yes, the problem is a client machine with an EN15000G board
>>>  - Correct, the 3.0 kernel image booted the client using a GA-D525TUD
>>> server, but not when using an EN15000G
>>>  - Correct again, the image booted correctly from an EN15000G
>>> server
>>>  - Not correct. The problem is permanent when it occurs. The client
>>> machine
>>> has been left for hours, and all that is visible is the garbage on
>>> screen.
>> Good.  That's what I suspected, just wanted to make sure.
>>> I'm not sure if it was a one-off, but I can't appear to get it to serve
>>> the
>>> 3.0 kernel from the Gigabyte motherboard now. Exactly the same thing is
>>> happening as with the EN15000G (garbage mosaic).
>> Also good, that's what I would expect.  It would be very strange if
>> the same bits worked differently, depending on what server they came
>> from.
>>> I've attached the dmesg log from the client for the kernel. If I
>>> manage to get the 3.0 kernel to boot again, I'll send over the dmesg log
>>> for
>>> that.
>> That makes this a regression between and 3.0.  The easiest
>> (though tedious) way to find the problem is to bisect between those
>> versions (
>> I don't see many interesting via-velocity changes since 2.6.35.  I'd
>> suspect some sort of video mode problem, given the screen issue.
>> Maybe you could learn something by turning off vesafb and the
>> bootsplash stuff.
>> Bjorn
> Ok, thanks. I'll try that, and see where I get. I'll recompile the kernel
> without bootsplash, and see if I
> see any different behaviour.
> I'll let you know where I get, should I find anything useful out.

Any news?
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