Question on Memory Leak: very tough problem

From: Sri Ram Vemulpali
Date: Wed Oct 26 2011 - 23:25:00 EST

Hi All,

I have very difficult problem I am working on to figure out where the
memory leak is in my system. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it
reveals very slowly (I mean increments very slowly). This is dependent
on system load, if the system is in very high load, then leak is very
fast. We tried solving this problem from many dimensions, but no

After quite sometime, we started using valgrind to capture the memory
leak. The funny thing is the leak disappears once we start running our
application on top of valgrind.
So, we cannot capture leak using valgrind. We came to conclusion that,
since valgrind serializes the allocations (leak disappears), we
thought this might be result of race conditions, that
resulted from system high load (by the way ours is multi threaded
system). We run system without valgrind we see the memory leak.

The question is, is it true that valgrind serializes the mem
allocations. Does this happen to anyone disappearing the leak when
used valgrind.

Any thoughts and input that can help me solve this problem. Thanks to
all in advance.

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