[GIT PULL] XFS update for 3.2-rc1

From: Alex Elder
Date: Thu Oct 27 2011 - 16:01:11 EST

Linus, please pull the following set of XFS changes for 3.2-rc1.

The repository is oss.sgi.com. If you would prefer I use something
you feel is more trustworthy let me know and I will arrange that. I
have tagged the top commit "xfs_for_3.2-rc1_v1", signing it with a
key I established last year for signing XFS user space releases.



The following changes since commit 396e6e49c58bb23d1814d3c240c736c9f01523c5:

Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dtor/input (2011-10-27 08:44:20 +0200)

are available in the git repository at:

git://oss.sgi.com/xfs/xfs for-linus

Alex Elder (2):
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../torvalds/linux
xfs: put in missed fix for merge problem

Chandra Seetharaman (3):
xfs: Check the return value of xfs_buf_get()
xfs: Check the return value of xfs_trans_get_buf()
xfs: Fix the incorrect comment in the header of _xfs_buf_find

Christoph Hellwig (46):
xfs: remove delwri buffer handling from xfs_buf_iorequest
xfs: remove the unlock argument to xfs_buf_delwri_queue
xfs: move more delwri setup into xfs_buf_delwri_queue
xfs: call xfs_buf_delwri_queue directly
xfs: let xfs_bwrite callers handle the xfs_buf_relse
xfs: use the "delwri" terminology consistently
xfs: remove dead ENODEV handling in xfs_destroy_ioend
xfs: defer AIO/DIO completions
xfs: reduce ioend latency
xfs: wait for I/O completion when writing out pages in xfs_setattr_size
xfs: remove i_iocount
xfs: avoid synchronous transactions when deleting attr blocks
xfs: avoid direct I/O write vs buffered I/O race
xfs: improve ioend error handling
xfs: remove the first extent special case in xfs_bmap_add_extent
xfs: remove impossible to read code in xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
xfs: remove the nextents variable in xfs_bmapi
xfs: factor delalloc reservations out of xfs_bmapi
xfs: introduce xfs_bmapi_delay()
xfs: do not use xfs_bmap_add_extent for adding delalloc extents
xfs: introduce xfs_bmap_last_extent
xfs: remove xfs_bmap_add_extent
xfs: move logflags into bmalloca
xfs: pass bmalloca to xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real
xfs: pass bmalloca to xfs_bmap_add_extent_hole_real
xfs: dont ignore error code from xfs_bmbt_update
xfs: cleanup xfs_bmap.h
xfs: XFS_TRANS_SWAPEXT is not a valid flag for xfs_trans_commit
xfs: unlock the inode before log force in xfs_fsync
xfs: unlock the inode before log force in xfs_fs_nfs_commit_metadata
xfs: unlock the inode before log force in xfs_change_file_space
xfs: simplify xfs_trans_ijoin* again
xfs: optimize fsync on directories
xfs: fix buffer flushing during unmount
xfs: remove xfs_get_buftarg_list
xfs: remove buffers from the delwri list in xfs_buf_stale
xfs: clean up buffer allocation
xfs: clean up xfs_ioerror_alert
xfs: use xfs_ioerror_alert in xfs_buf_iodone_callbacks
xfs: remove xfs_buf_target_name
xfs: remove XFS_bflush
xfs: do not flush data workqueues in xfs_flush_buftarg
xfs: add AIL pushing tracepoints

Dave Chinner (17):
xfs: don't serialise direct IO reads on page cache checks
xfs: don't serialise adjacent concurrent direct IO appending writes
xfs: factor extent map manipulations out of xfs_bmapi
xfs: introduce xfs_bmapi_read()
xfs: remove xfs_bmapi_single()
xfs: factor extent allocation out of xfs_bmapi
xfs: factor unwritten extent map manipulations out of xfs_bmapi
xfs: rename xfs_bmapi to xfs_bmapi_write
xfs: pass bmalloca structure to xfs_bmap_isaeof
xfs: move extent records into bmalloca structure
xfs: move firstblock and bmap freelist cursor into bmalloca structure
xfs: rename allocation range fields in struct xfs_bmalloca
xfs: do not keep local copies of allocation ranges in xfs_bmapi_allocate
xfs: move btree cursor into bmalloca
xfs: move lastx and nallocs into bmalloca
xfs: Don't allocate new buffers on every call to _xfs_buf_find
xfs: reduce the number of log forces from tail pushing

Lukas Czerner (1):
xfs: fix possible overflow in xfs_ioc_trim()

Mitsuo Hayasaka (1):
xfs: Return -EIO when xfs_vn_getattr() failed

fs/xfs/xfs_alloc.c | 4 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_aops.c | 119 +--
fs/xfs/xfs_aops.h | 4 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_attr.c | 89 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_attr_leaf.c | 7 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.c | 2531 +++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
fs/xfs/xfs_bmap.h | 318 ++-----
fs/xfs/xfs_btree.c | 11 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_buf.c | 244 ++---
fs/xfs/xfs_buf.h | 51 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_buf_item.c | 12 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_da_btree.c | 54 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_dfrag.c | 6 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_dir2_leaf.c | 6 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_discard.c | 20 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_dquot.c | 32 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_export.c | 12 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_file.c | 168 +++-
fs/xfs/xfs_filestream.c | 4 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_fsops.c | 60 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_ialloc.c | 15 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_iget.c | 2 -
fs/xfs/xfs_inode.c | 43 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_inode.h | 1 -
fs/xfs/xfs_inode_item.c | 4 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_ioctl.c | 2 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_iomap.c | 39 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_iops.c | 14 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_log.c | 20 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_log_recover.c | 43 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_mount.c | 36 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_qm.c | 12 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_qm_syscalls.c | 2 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_rename.c | 8 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_rtalloc.c | 48 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_rw.c | 23 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_rw.h | 2 -
fs/xfs/xfs_super.c | 13 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_sync.c | 16 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trace.h | 39 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans.c | 13 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans.h | 8 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans_ail.c | 43 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans_buf.c | 24 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans_inode.c | 25 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_trans_priv.h | 1 +
fs/xfs/xfs_vnodeops.c | 109 +--
47 files changed, 2033 insertions(+), 2324 deletions(-)
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