Re: [PATCH -v2 00/16] PCI: Re-factor PCI's 'latency timer' setup

From: Mike Frysinger
Date: Fri Oct 28 2011 - 20:48:00 EST

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 23:47, Myron Stowe wrote:
>  - * blackfin and h8300 architectures do not seem to support PCI (no
>   root bus scanning etc. exists within them) but they do have PCI header
>   files.

correct, all Blackfin parts in current mainline lack any sort of PCI
support. the header existence (iirc) is two fold:
- a lot of drivers like to use the pci/dma interface to manage memory
instead of a pure dma interface
- BF535 has pci support, but we don't support that, and have largely
dropped anything related to it

so if this compile passes for Blackfin, it should be fine. however,
i'm lazy, so i don't suppose you've got a branch somewhere for me to
pull to quickly compile test ? if not, simply putting it into a
branch that gets into linux-next should be sufficient as i think
Stephen had Blackfin coverage in there ...
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