Re: mpol_to_str revisited.

From: David Rientjes
Date: Tue Oct 16 2012 - 02:10:04 EST

On Tue, 16 Oct 2012, KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:

> >> I don't think 80de7c3138ee9fd86a98696fd2cf7ad89b995d0a is right fix.
> >
> > It's certainly not a complete fix, but I think it's a much better result
> > of the race, i.e. we don't panic anymore, we simply fail the read()
> > instead.
> Even though 80de7c3138ee9fd86a98696fd2cf7ad89b995d0a itself is simple. It bring
> to caller complex. That's not good and have no worth.

Before: the kernel panics, all workloads cease.
After: the file shows garbage, all workloads continue.

This is better, in my opinion, but at best it's only a judgment call and
has no effect on anything.

I agree it would be better to respect the return value of mpol_to_str()
since there are other possible error conditions other than a freed
mempolicy, but let's not consider reverting 80de7c3138. It is obviously
not a full solution to the problem, though, and we need to serialize with

Dave, are you interested in coming up with a patch?
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