RE: How can I get the latest generic thermal framework

From: R, Durgadoss
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 04:36:44 EST

Hi Wei,

You can pull the latest changes from Rui's -next tree here:
git clone git://
(use -next branch)


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> Subject: How can I get the latest generic thermal framework
> Hi, all
> Several months ago, I tried to use the generic thermal framework to work
> with the lm90 driver on our SOC, but this work was not completed, and it
> was pended.
> Now I want to start it again. I noticed that many new patches of this
> framework were submitted, I checked linux-next.git, but it seems they
> were not merged.
> How can I get the latest codes for this thermal framework? which git
> repository should I use?
> Thanks.
> Wei.
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