Re: [GIT PULL] User API Disintegrate: Preparatory patches

From: James Hogan
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 04:42:54 EST

On 2 October 2012 19:36, David Howells <dhowells@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The patches herein prepare for the extraction of the Userspace API bits from
> the various header files named in the Kbuild files.
> [IMPORTANT NOTE! These patches may need regenerating if the header files
> change too much. This doesn't normally take very long to do as the
> disintegration procedure is almost entirely scripted.]

Hi David,

Any chance you (or somebody else) can point me towards your latest
scripts for all this UAPI disintegration work? They don't seem to be
in the kernel tree, and the only scripts I can find are from 2011 so I
guess they're probably a bit out of date.

Thanks in advance
James Hogan
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