[PATCH 0/3] perf_event: enable overflow interrupts on KNC

From: Vince Weaver
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 13:01:10 EST


the following patchset enables overflow interrupts on Knights Corner,
the initial KNC PMU driver that was included in 3.7-rc1 did not
support this.

The first patch should be straightforward.
The second should be too, but it relates to a problem with the p6 PMU
that I brought up in a separate thread.
The third patch copies code over from the perf_event_intel.c interrupt
handler. Unfortunately KNC and x86 architectural perfmon use
different MSR numbers. The proper fix might be to make this
generic and have function vectors for the status/ack functions,
but since they are inline and probably performance critical
I took the easy way out and just duplicated the code.


Vince Weaver
char x,_,*O="yyyyl1f41mm65mm5OU5m5_55m5555mmGUml1ED1ooG_ol\\lDClN:eml9niiobTQO"
"m8dlYoo=HUmmaNEnCDY[l1G@7oo975l1>UImmSG3m5`@Om5<OGm5__5mm4S_l1DTiyyyy";void X(
int x){while(x>-1)printf("\033[4%dm ",x%2*7),x-=2;}int main(){while(*O){for(x=
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