RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC] Persistent grant maps for xen blkdrivers

From: James Harper
Date: Thu Oct 18 2012 - 21:57:03 EST

> This patch implements persistent grants for the xen-blk{front,back}
> mechanism. The effect of this change is to reduce the number of unmap
> operations performed, since they cause a (costly) TLB shootdown. This allows
> the I/O performance to scale better when a large number of VMs are
> performing I/O.
> Previously, the blkfront driver was supplied a bvec[] from the request
> queue. This was granted to dom0; dom0 performed the I/O and wrote
> directly into the grant-mapped memory and unmapped it; blkfront then
> removed foreign access for that grant. The cost of unmapping scales badly
> with the number of CPUs in Dom0. An experiment showed that when
> Dom0 has 24 VCPUs, and guests are performing parallel I/O to a ramdisk, the
> IPIs from performing unmap's is a bottleneck at 5 guests (at which point
> 650,000 IOPS are being performed in total). If more than 5 guests are used,
> the performance declines. By 10 guests, only
> 400,000 IOPS are being performed.
> This patch improves performance by only unmapping when the connection
> between blkfront and back is broken.

I assume network drivers would suffer from the same affliction... Would a more general persistent map solution be worth considering (or be possible)? So a common interface to this persistent mapping allowing the persistent pool to be shared between all drivers in the DomU?


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