Re: [PATCH v2] epoll: Support for disabling items, and a self-testapp.

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Fri Oct 19 2012 - 09:03:30 EST

Il 18/10/2012 20:05, Andy Lutomirski ha scritto:
> Unless something is rather buggy in kernel land (and I don't think it
> is), once EPOLL_CTL_DEL has returned, no call to epoll_wait that starts
> *after* EPOLL_CTL_DEL finishes will return that object. This suggests
> an RCU-like approach: once EPOLL_CTL_DEL has returned and every thread
> has returned from an epoll_wait call that started after the
> EPOLL_CTL_DEL returns, then the data structure can be safely freed.
> In pseudocode:
> delete(fd, pdata) {
> pdata->dead = true;
> rcu_call(delete pdata);
> }
> wait() {
> epoll_wait;
> for each event pdata {
> if (pdata->gone) continue;
> process the event;
> }
> rcu_this_is_a_grace_period();
> }
> Of course, these are not normal grace periods and would need to be
> tracked separately. (The optimal data structure to do this without
> killing scalability is not obvious. urcu presumably implements such a
> thing.)
> Am I right?

Equip each thread with a) an id or something else that lets each thread
refer to "the next" thread; b) a lists of "items waiting to be deleted".
Then the deleting thread adds the item being deleted to the first
thread's list. Before executing epoll_wait, thread K empties its list
and passes the buck, appending the old contents of its list to that of
thread K+1. This is an O(1) operation no matter how many items are
being deleted; only Thread N, being the last thread, actually has to go
through the list and delete the items.

The lists need to be protected by a mutex, but contention should really
be rare since there are just two writers. Note that each thread only
needs to hold one mutex at a time, and the deletion loop does not need
to happen with the mutex held at all, so there's no worries of
"cascading" waits on the mutexes.

Compared to, you get
rid of the per-item mutex and the operations that have to be done with
the (now per-thread) mutex held remain pretty trivial.

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