Re: [PATCH v3 resend] USB: PHY: Re-organize Tegra USB PHY driver

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Fri Oct 19 2012 - 11:41:20 EST


On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 04:08:05PM +0530, Venu Byravarasu wrote:
> NVIDIA produces several Tegra SoCs viz Tegra20, Tegra30 etc.
> In order to support USB PHY drivers on these SoCs, existing
> PHY driver is split into SoC agnostic common USB PHY driver
> and Tegra20-specific USB phy driver. This will facilitate
> easy addition and deletion of phy drivers for Tegra SoCs.
> Signed-off-by: Venu Byravarasu <vbyravarasu@xxxxxxxxxx>

I was reading this "driver" more closely and I have a bunch of questions
about it, but the most important of all of them is: "why isn't that a
real PHY driver ?". It doesn't have a probe() function, it doesn't use
struct usb_phy to represent the PHY, it has a bunch of tegra-specific
APIs and we can't let those continue.

Please, take a look at drivers/usb/phy/omap_usb2.c (misnamed actually,
should be phy-omap-usb2.c so we have a common prefix) to see how your
PHY driver should look like and which sort of functionality if should
expose to the rest of the kernel.

Please comment on the above.



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