re: Optimizing scheduling policies for Ubuntu (desktop),for low-jitter.

From: Uwaysi Bin Kareem
Date: Fri Oct 19 2012 - 19:27:58 EST

Not many are discussing this.

So odd since an overloaded computer, looks like a computer with jitter. So removing jitter = higher performance.

I changed X to nice -20 though instead. It is hard to predict jitter, and maybe some measure of fairness is good.
Still daemons wouldn`t mind running sequentially as simple round robin, or? I would like to see a lowpriority round-robin, and not just the realtime one. Maybe a modification on "idle" pri. I just want to know daemons can be made transparent to jitter. Or atleast some measure of fairness to sequentialness that keeps the lowest jitter.

Anyone following ? :)

Peace Be With You.
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