Re: [PATCH 0/11] introduce macros for i2c_msg initialization

From: Julia Lawall
Date: Mon Oct 22 2012 - 05:18:24 EST

I have been looking at this again, with the macros

#define I2C_MSG_OP(_addr, _buf, _len, _flags) \
{ .addr = _addr, .buf = _buf, .len = _len, .flags = _flags }

#define I2C_MSG_WRITE(addr, buf, len) \
I2C_MSG_OP(addr, buf, len, 0)
#define I2C_MSG_READ(addr, buf, len) \
I2C_MSG_OP(addr, buf, len, I2C_M_RD)
#define I2C_MSG_WRITE_OP(addr, buf, len, op) \
I2C_MSG_OP(addr, buf, len, 0 | op)
#define I2C_MSG_READ_OP(addr, buf, len, op) \
I2C_MSG_OP(addr, buf, len, I2C_M_RD | op)

and the tuners files as a random first example. This time I haven't made
any adjustments for arrays of size 1.

The following file is a bit unfortunate, because a single structure is
mostly used for writing, but sometimes used for reading, in the function
tda827xa_set_params. That is, there are explicit assignments to


Currently, this is done in 8 files across the entire kernel. Would it be
a problem to use a READ or WRITE macro to initialize such a structure,
give that the type is going to change? Maybe the I2C_MSG_OP macro could
be used, with an explicit flag argument?

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