Re: Process Hang in __read_seqcount_begin

From: Peter LaDow
Date: Mon Oct 22 2012 - 15:24:41 EST

> Now, is preemption required to be disabled in non-SMP systems?

I did more digging, and I found this.

In linux/netfilter/x_tables.h, there is the definition of
xt_write_recseq_begin. This function updates the sequence number for
the sequence locks. This is called in the iptables kernel code. From
the header for the function:

* xt_write_recseq_begin - start of a write section
* Begin packet processing : all readers must wait the end
* 1) Must be called with preemption disabled
* 2) softirqs must be disabled too (or we should use irqsafe_cpu_add())
* Returns :
* 1 if no recursion on this cpu
* 0 if recursion detected

Note #1. Your earlier response what that local_bh_disable should
disable preemption. Indeed, looking at the calls to
xt_write_recseq_begin in the code, all are preceeded by a call to
local_bh_disable(). This call (local_bh_disable) is modified by the
RT patch. The standard kernel calls __local_bh_disable, which does
quite a bit of work. From the standard kernel:

static inline void _local_bh_enable_ip(unsigned long ip)
WARN_ON_ONCE(in_irq() || irqs_disabled());
* Are softirqs going to be turned on now:
if (softirq_count() == SOFTIRQ_DISABLE_OFFSET)
* Keep preemption disabled until we are done with
* softirq processing:
sub_preempt_count(SOFTIRQ_DISABLE_OFFSET - 1);

if (unlikely(!in_interrupt() && local_softirq_pending()))


But the patch changes things:

void local_bh_disable(void)

And the call to migrate_disable() is defined as a macro, depending
upon the configuration. From the patch:

# define preempt_disable_rt() preempt_disable()
# define preempt_enable_rt() preempt_enable()
# define preempt_disable_nort() do { } while (0)
# define preempt_enable_nort() do { } while (0)
# ifdef CONFIG_SMP
extern void migrate_disable(void);
extern void migrate_enable(void);
# else /* CONFIG_SMP */
# define migrate_disable() do { } while (0)
# define migrate_enable() do { } while (0)
# endif /* CONFIG_SMP */
# define preempt_disable_rt() do { } while (0)
# define preempt_enable_rt() do { } while (0)
# define preempt_disable_nort() preempt_disable()
# define preempt_enable_nort() preempt_enable()
# define migrate_disable() preempt_disable()
# define migrate_enable() preempt_enable()

In our configuration, we have CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT_FULL defined, and do
not have CONFIG_SMP defined. So migrate_enable() becomes a NOP. This
seems to violate the requirement on the xt_write_recseq_begin
requirement. However, enabling SMP does enable the actual function.

Should local_bh_disable() call the actual function in non-SMP systems
to meet the requirements for xt_write_recseq_begin()?
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