Re: [PATCH] MM: Support more pagesizes for MAP_HUGETLB/SHM_HUGETLBv6

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Mon Oct 22 2012 - 21:44:43 EST

On Mon, 2012-10-22 at 17:53 +0200, Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) wrote:

> This is all seems to make an awful muck of the API...


> There seems to be a reasonable argument here for an mmap3() with a
> 64-bit flags argument...

I tend to agree. There's a similar issue happening when we try to shovel
things into protection bits, like we do with SAO (strong access
ordering) and want to do with per-page endian on embedded.

It think we need a pile of additional flag space.


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