Re: Major performance regressions in 3.7rc1/2

From: Julian Wollrath
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 05:04:33 EST

> > Thanks. Let's add some cc's. Can you please describe your workload
> > and some estimate of the slowdown?
I am using fluxbox with Iceweasel, Claws-Mail and urxvt on different
workspaces on a Thinkpad X121e with an AMD E-450 APU. Loading some big
pages in Iceweasel leades to a very sluggish rendering of the urxvt
window when changing workspaces, the cursor movement falters. The
falter in the cursor movement is from random length but I would
estimate, that it is mostly under one second. But sometimes the time
between the each falter is very short which results in a more or less
unusable system.

> I'm currently assuming that my clear_page_mlock() commit is innocent
> of this: it went in just two before David's numa reclaim commit, and
> I don't see how mine could have any such marked effect: I'm thinking
> it was just a bisection hiccup that implicated it.
Just tested v3.7-rc2 with your clear_page_mlock() and without the numa
reclaim commit and everything worked fine. So you are right, most
probable it was a bisection hiccup, the reclaim commit is the real bad
commit. Nevertheless I am wondering why everything worked fine until
39b5f29a (mm: remove vma arg from page_evictable) and then started to
behave badly with your clear_page_mlock() commit but 3.7-rc2 works fine
with only the numa reclaim commit revoked.

With best regards,
Julian Wollrath
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