Re: Jitter

From: Uwaysi Bin Kareem
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 08:29:04 EST

On Tue, 23 Oct 2012 01:56:57 +0200, Uwaysi Bin Kareem <uwaysi.bin.kareem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As those who have seen my posts on LKML, I am all about jitter.
10 years ago I said why not do an OpenGL desktop, and now we have wayland.
10 years ago, I said, don`t do excessive buffering, and now we have "fighting bufferbloat".
10 years ago, I talked about how responsive vintage computers was, without "OS".

And I have taken that further, and now work with low-jitter for the desktop. Low latency all the way, or atleast down to 0.2ms max latency and jitter.

In the mean time, the masses are unaware of jitter, unless it is very noticable such as recent discussions on "microstutter".
Most still advise to "not turn off services" in windows, yet show me benchmarks of "motherboards" with DPC latency of 50-300uS. I am already running at 5uS in windows here. And it is not "the motherboard". This is about OS-jitter.

And in linux, I am running with even less jitter, now trying rt-patch only at "low latency" preemption yet, but still. And even in the linuxcommunity many seem not to understand. Those who do are much higher then on windows though. And while many also make completely absurd statements and attack what I am doing, I am very happily running what feels like a high performance computer. With a lot of activity being there on the next frame, and ultrasmooth framerates in OpenGL. Indeed optimizing and removing jitter, seeing improvements on what goes on, on the highest performing bus in the computer, seems to improve general desktop computing.

I think I have tried most things now, and unless you want to wait 10 years for people to catch on, you should consider low-jitter aswell.

And I am also interested in any patches that currently are not mainline. - Please repost in this thread if you have any. Or any other information, or ongoing development. If it is not all in the RT patch, that is.

Peace Be With You.

I am also buying a machine particulary made for low-jitter/low-latency now. Soemthing like this:

I intuitively follow the praises of God, in brilliance and excellence, and eternal divinity.

And now I am reducing jitter, and so should you.
Imagine having low-latency video-communication online, jitterfree tearingless. Smooth and accurate 72fps.

It puts the power of the media in the individuals hands. And that supports the growth of those who are far above the common society. And that again everyone benefits from. Forget about those being slaves to commercial contructs and the ever evil boss.

They are free to follow the praises of God aswell.

And the ignorance of society will no longer matter to those who can reach those levels. They will instead be followers.

Wouldn`t you rather put power and finacial means in their hands? Are they not the fittest to set trends? Ofcourse, with the safetymeasure of moral guidelines. Which no doubt is a good discussion in itself.

No more TV, marketing inanities, and oppression of the developed individualist.

Instead, imagine for instance a concept of "individual developments" recognizing high-reaching talent, and supporting them by individual channels, on a state-developed online network.

Just take communication to the next level.

Peace Be With You.
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