Re: [PATCH v2] pinctrl/nomadik: use irq_create_mapping()

From: Stephen Warren
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 12:17:36 EST

On 10/23/2012 02:35 AM, Linus Walleij wrote:
> From: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Since in the DT case, the linear domain path will not allocate
> descriptors for the IRQs, we need to use irq_create_mapping()
> for mapping hwirqs to Linux IRQs, so these descriptors get
> created on-the-fly in this case.
> ChangeLog v1->v2:
> - Just use irq_create_mapping() in the .to_irq function since
> this is called before unmasking or enabling any interrupt
> lines, so irq_find_mapping() should be sufficient for the
> IRQ handler function.

Reviewed-by: Stephen Warren <swarren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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