Re: [PATCH V2 1/3] seccomp: add generic code for jitted seccomp filters.

From: Nicolas Schichan
Date: Wed Apr 24 2013 - 11:52:43 EST

On 04/24/2013 01:43 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:
On Mon, 22 Apr 2013 14:31:20 +0200 Nicolas Schichan <nschichan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Would including <uapi/linux/filter.h> instead of <linux/filter.h> in seccomp.h
be an acceptable solution ?

I have tried that and (with an additional forward declaration of struct
sk_buff) an x86_64 "make clean; make allmodconfig" run finishes succesfully.

If that's ok with you, I can resend the serie with that fix.

It would be better to make the code and include tangle less complex,
rather than more complex.

Did we really need to move the `struct seccomp_filter' definition into
the header file? afaict that wasn't really necessary - we can add a
few helper functions to kernel/seccomp.c and then have the remote code
treat seccomp_filter in an opaque fashion rather than directly poking
at its internals.


I will resend a V3 of the patch serie with the accessors.

btw, what on earth is going on with seccomp_jit_free()? It does
disturbing undocumented typecasting and it punts the module_free into a
kernel thread for mysterious, undocumented and possibly buggy reasons.

I realize it just copies bpf_jit_free(). The same observations apply there.

The reason for this hack for both seccomp filters and socket filters is that {seccomp,bpf}_jit_free are called from a softirq. module_free() cannot be called directly from softirq, as it will in turn call vfree() which will BUG_ON() if in_interrupt() is non zero. So to call module_free(), it is therefore required to be in a process context, which is provided by the work struct.

Here is the call stack for the socket filter case:

[<c0087bf8>] (vfree+0x28/0x2c) from [<c001fc5c>] (bpf_jit_free+0x10/0x18)
[<c001fc5c>] (bpf_jit_free+0x10/0x18) from [<c0231188>](sk_filter_release_rcu+0x10/0x1c)
[<c0231188>] (sk_filter_release_rcu+0x10/0x1c) from [<c0060bb4>] (__rcu_process_callbacks+0x98/0xac)
[<c0060bb4>] (__rcu_process_callbacks+0x98/0xac) from [<c0060bd8>] (rcu_process_callbacks+0x10/0x20)
[<c0060bd8>] (rcu_process_callbacks+0x10/0x20) from [<c0029498>] (__do_softirq+0xbc/0x194)
[<c0029498>] (__do_softirq+0xbc/0x194) from [<c00295b0>] (run_ksoftirqd+0x40/0x64)
[<c00295b0>] (run_ksoftirqd+0x40/0x64) from [<c0041954>] (smpboot_thread_fn+0x150/0x15c)
[<c0041954>] (smpboot_thread_fn+0x150/0x15c) from [<c003bb2c>] (kthread+0xa4/0xb0)
[<c003bb2c>] (kthread+0xa4/0xb0) from [<c0013450>] (ret_from_fork+0x14/0x24)

Here is the call stack for the seccomp filter case:

[<c0087c28>] (vfree+0x28/0x2c) from [<c0060834>] (put_seccomp_filter+0x6c/0x84)
[<c0060834>] (put_seccomp_filter+0x6c/0x84) from [<c0020db4>] (free_task+0x30/0x50)
[<c0020db4>] (free_task+0x30/0x50) from [<c0060be4>] (__rcu_process_callbacks+0x98/0xac)
[<c0060be4>] (__rcu_process_callbacks+0x98/0xac) from [<c0060c08>] (rcu_process_callbacks+0x10/0x20)
[<c0060c08>] (rcu_process_callbacks+0x10/0x20) from [<c00294c8>] (__do_softirq+0xbc/0x194)
[<c00294c8>] (__do_softirq+0xbc/0x194) from [<c00295e0>] (run_ksoftirqd+0x40/0x64)
[<c00295e0>] (run_ksoftirqd+0x40/0x64) from [<c0041984>] (smpboot_thread_fn+0x150/0x15c)
[<c0041984>] (smpboot_thread_fn+0x150/0x15c) from [<c003bb5c>] (kthread+0xa4/0xb0)
[<c003bb5c>] (kthread+0xa4/0xb0) from [<c0013450>] (ret_from_fork+0x14/0x24)


Nicolas Schichan
Freebox SAS
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